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Ventura Homes For Sale

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Ventura Homes For Sale

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Ventura MLS neighborhoods

Ventura Homes in the City of Ventura, (93001, 93002, 93003, 93004, 93005, 93006. 93007, 93009) Ventura Real Estate currently for sale ... If you are in the market to purchase a Ventura Home then you have come to the right real estate web site. Ventura, one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Southern California offers a wide range of Cailfornia homes priced in a range of a low $250,000 to the high of $3,000,000 with an average of around $550,000. The purpose of this real estate web site is to introduce you to the different Ventura Neighborhoods and the types of homes you can expect to find in each of these areas. As Ventura Realtors our goal is to provide you with such excellent information you will naturally want to select us as your Ventura Realtors in the purchase of your Ventura Home.

The City of Ventura is extraordinary in that it offers a variety of neighborhoods all unique in the types of homes that can be found in each area. For example, if you are looking for a Ventura Ocean View home you would want to look in Area 29 which is located in the hills above Ventura. Or, perhaps you want a Ventura ask now real estate Home or Ventura Oceanfront or Ventura Keys Water Front home. Whether you are looking for a modest, affordable Ventura town home, a Spanish charmer, a classic craftsman or a traditional three bedroom, two bath home we can introduce you to any and all Ventura homes currently for sale in the City of Ventura.

Ventura, a vintage ask now real estate town is the county seat of Ventura County was recently named one of the most livable communities in America. This unique city is a classic Southern California ask now real estate town with a population of about 105,000. Ventura, the city by the sea enjoys year around good weather and ocean side attractions such as miles of uncrowded ask now real estatees and bikeways, a commercial harbor that is the gateway to the Channel Islands National Park and a thriving downtown cultural district.

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There are nine main MLS neighborhoods in Ventura

  • Area 21 West of California to City Limts
  • Area 24 Mid Town from Calf. to Mills Rd
  • Area 25 Mills Rd to Victoria Ave
  • Area 26 Victoria Ave. to Kimball Road
  • Area 27 Kimball Road East to City Limit
  • Area 28 Wells Road East to City Limit
  • Area 29 Hillside, Ocean View homes above foothill and Poli
  • Areas 22 Beach Properties North of Ventura
  • Area 23 Beach Properties Pierpont and Ventura Keys Homes

Ventura Home Sales Statistics

2011 to 2013

Ventura Home Sales Satistics taken from the Ventura MLS system.

2014 Ventura Home Sales report. Average Ventura homes sold for $526,000 2014

Summary Price Information for Ventura January 2014 to October 10, 2014

Number of homes sold: 760

Average days on market: 63

Summary Price Information

Minimum $135,000

Maximum $4,750,000

Average sales price-->$526,801

Median sales price-->$465,000

2013 Ventura Home Sales Report. Average Ventura Homes sold for $480,000 in 2013.

Summary Price Information for Ventura January 2013 to Dec. 31, 2013

Number of homes sold: 1008

Average days on market: 65

Summary Price Information

Minimum $81,000

Maximum $3,990,000

Average sales price: $480,444

Median $425,000

Summary Price Information for Ventura January 2012 to Dec. 31, 2012

Average Ventura Homes sold for $398,000 in 2012.

Number of homes sold: 1051

Average days on market: 96

Summary Price Information

Minimum $60,000

Maximum $3,425,000

Average sales price: $398,973

Median $360,000

Average Ventura Homes sold for $377,000 in 2011.

  • Ventura has been said to be one of America’s most livable communities. It is located between Malibu and Santa Barbara on the blue Pacific Ocean, overlooking Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands.  Ventura is rich in history and culture. People have lived along this stretch of the California coast for at least ten thousands years.

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